If your water source is not clear, it is best to pour water into the ceramic pot through a cloth to filter out large pieces of dirt and debris. This will reduce the number of times the filter needs to be cleaned. It is best to use clear water when possible.


It is best to keep your filter in a shaded and cool environment to maximise its life span. Direct sunlight can cause algae or mold to grow over time.


When the ceramic pot becomes dirty or starts to flow slowly, clean it with the enclosed plastic brush using clean water. Do not use soap. If your water source is cloudy or muddy you will likely need to clean the pot once per week. If your water source is clear, once per month will likely be enough.

When the plastic parts become dirty, clean them with in clean soapy water and let them air dry.


Most water contamination is due to poor hygiene! 

Always wash your hands with soap before using or cleaning your filter!